Tears and questions as another mum is gone

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  1. Penelope Young says:

    If CAFCASS has helped 2 million people, how many people has it harmed? The only way you can challenge them is in court, a built-in disincentive to taking matters further. You can’t even complain, as they are answerable only to themselves. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and they are all about shutting people up and denying them a voice. They have ruined my life – leaving aside the suicides, how many people have died prematurely through the effects of grief and stress? I’d like to see this evil organisation abolished.

    • leigh says:

      Well said Penelope Young … i had to edit your comment a little for legal reasons, but your sentiment and point rings loud and clear …

  2. Jo says:

    Im a mother-A living example of cafcass carelessness . They couldn’t help to contact my daughter or reestablish my relationship with her. They are cold but does a great written work for court. I’m so sorry for this mother. I feel like taking extreme decisions in life sometimes but I cannot easily let them win.


    Cafcass and the family Court ruin nrp and children’s lives.
    They accept false and malicious allegations as the truth without even investigating whether they are true or not.
    They’re unaccountable and unquestionable in their findings, and seem to be biased in any findings.
    Another parent has taken their life, because it’s a mother it hits the media, what about the thousands of fathers who make the ultimate sacrifice to ease the pain brought on by family court, by cafcass, and social services, just because they’re a father, and want to be a father..
    50/50 shared parenting should be made law, unless there’s obvious reasons not to be.
    Rest in peace..

  4. Alan Mansfield says:

    you would never go to any other court in this land without proof of allegations etc.That is what a dury is for.These people have no clue of the real facts,some of these children have been brainwashed for sometimes years .
    PA needs to be a criminal offence because it is kidnap and puts people through hell, and more often as not the alternator is looked on as the victim that in reality is usually far from the truth .The victims are the alienated parent and the children .It is truly horrific .

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