Shouldn’t we be in a real Hough over the Hall down our street?

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  1. leigh says:

    Eric Wiltsher looks like it would be safer to knock it down

  2. leigh says:

    Leigh G Banks
    Leigh G Banks It’d be better to save it tho! It’s a small piece of a small town’s history – it’s listed but neglected … what a tragedy … i think Dorry is right… what does anybody else think? Knock it down or save it?

  3. Leigh Bosch says:

    Wow. Save it!! Who owns it now? Is it possible to see inside?

  4. Miss gaga says:

    No one would want to make it their home due to the state of the area ,I think it will come down and someone will build on the land ,I’d buy it tomorrow if in different area ,a nice tea shop or cafe ,a piece of how Moston used to look years ago but not many old residents left in Moston to make it pay

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