Sailing into oblivion, ‘Marie Celeste’ hall of Moston…

Leigh Banks and Andrea Martin-Banks

Leigh Banks and Andrea Martin-Banks

Andrea is chief news researcher for CWF and head of a media and PR company based in the UK. Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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21 Responses

  1. Susan Rooney says:

    I’ve love this place since i was a child myself and my brother used to play the dirty scoundrel game there. It has. Always inspired my. Art . And my love of history for the tudor period places like. Moston need hough hall its part of our history its part of growing up of telling tales of ghosts and the people who lived there we need hough hall to become alive again

  2. jacqueline carter says:

    Its on the wrong side of Manchester for the council to care for it Lucy Powell should get involved

  3. Carol Cook says:

    It would be lovely to see this house restored to it’s former glory.theres lots of history behind it.would be an educational benefit to the children in the north west.

  4. Sarah says:

    If it was Wythenshawe or central Manchester they’d be throwing cash by the bucketful

  5. Beryl Coyne says:

    Absolutely scandalous that such a building should not be saved/restored. There are very few buildings this old, which Manchester Council have saved. I would be happy to sign any petition to this effect.

  6. Jennifer says:

    It’s sad to see the decay of the last remaining historical building in the area.
    Lets hope the Council are listening to what people want and restore this place for posterity.

  7. Mary Scholes says:

    How can this historic building be left to just rot away. It’s criminal. Whoever has control should be forced to say why they are allowing this to happen and forced to allow work on restoration to comment

  8. leigh says:

    Dave Carden If this building stood anywhere near London it would never have been allowed to fall into this state…

  9. leigh says:

    Callum Andrews Does anyone remember the building that used to sit across the road from Hough Hall? My Grandmother worked here as a seamstress until it closed down in the 90s and was eventually bulldozed. This building shouldn’t have been bulldozed and I feel without action Hough Hall will go to the same fate.

  10. leigh says:

    Callum Andrews I’m glad the ball is finally moving Leigh G Banks, I was contacted by Dorothy Banks to try and locate the owners one I believe lives in the area and frequents Harpurhey shopping centre quite often. I did ask to see if we could get a contact for him

  11. leigh says:

    Jennifer Clarke I have read and left comments.
    I hope the council don’t procrastinate so long that they deem it unsafe and pull it down like what happened to some other places.

  12. leigh says:

    Joseph Mysko I would love for this building to be restored absolute travesty to see it in such a state!!!!! Looks like the history is as forgotten about as much as the residents that currently live in the area. I see so many beautiful pictures of how moston was on here it’s just incredibly sad 🙁

  13. leigh says:

    Lorna Hardaker Very sad. Too many historical buildings are lost due to sheer neglect. An intervention is required.

  14. leigh says:

    Callum Andrews Damian Witherington this is the man Leigh G Banks who is at the helm of this marvellous pressure group who I’m backing he already has the ball rolling. Maybe you could ask Joyce Lightfoot to speak with him also. I support Leigh and back him 110% on behalf of my group, if he needs me to do anything I’ll do my best. He needs more people from Moston to back him so we have a bigger voice.

  15. leigh says:

    North City Community Action Group Leigh how about getting a public meeting together so a focus group can be created to take this forward

  16. leigh says:

    Leigh G Banks Hi, i’m a Moston boy born and bred and i remember Hough Hall, it had an impact on me decades ago – so seeing it on a visit to Moston recently made me want to do something. There are some stunning buildings there, like the Blue Bell and the Museum etc – what ever happened to Yeb Fold too? But i am out of the country most of the the time and can’t physically be involved … however, is a news and views site with a massive reach, we are a foundation as the name says with a brief to help where we can – we are also partners with which gets to millions … what i can do is offer our site and the station as a platform to get something done. We can also offer advice and a direction. We campaign for many things including, for instance, parental alienation and recently we got a road battle to Bill stage in the House of Commons … we will continue the fight for Hough Hall and if you organise a team we will keep you in the public eye and offer as much support as we can, we’re not finished yet … come and join our discussion group too, consumer watch foundation on Facebook… Cheers Leigh G Banks,

  17. leigh says:

    Damian Witherington Leigh I’m led to believe you are the driving force behind the campaign to save Hough Hall, is this correct? or are you just raising the awareness of the plight of this building?

  18. leigh says:

    Consumerwatchfoundation Hi Damian Witherington, is what it says, a foundation, set up to help people fight causes … we champion parental alienation, are fighting for a village obliterated by 2000 hgvs a day, and we are battling for an ancient beach in Spain amongst many other things .. A few months ago one of our writers sent us a personal piece about Hough Hall and we decided to look into why it had ended up in the state it is, it’s part of our heritage for Godsake! Hence the above story. What we do is highlight problems and give those who want to get things changed a platform for their fight … the platform includes the pages of the consumerwatchfoundation which gets to almost two million people and time on, our sister Ofcom-licensed radio station. That goes out to millions too. We also offer advice and a direction to people who want get something changed … i am a campaigning journalist and broadcaster and our chief researcher, Andrea, runs her own news service. On our team we have a former Times journalist and a BBC broadcaster … so we are quite well qualified. However, we don’t live in the UK and can’t dedicate ourselves to one cause alone. But we can publicise and help. We have two more stories on the go about Hough Hall which should be quite interesting … the first one reveals the complete lack interest of the authorities (not much of a revelation there then!) and suggests what can be done … the second one will hopefully be a chat with the owner… we can’t track him down at the moment although we know who he is … in simple terms Damian, somebody ultimately will have to take over the fight – but we’ll back them!

  19. Peter Ruff says:

    I was brought up at Brantwood (Ashley Lane) now Moston College I loved that place and have similar affection for Hough Hall and it will be a tragedy if Moston loses this place as well

  20. I just came across your page. I’m another Roger Barnard, who has been living in Japan for many years. Last year I was contacted by someone who was concerned about the state of Hough Hall, and wondered if I was the Roger Barnard who had lived there. I’m not, but would like to help in some way to resolve this mystery.

    • leigh says:

      Hi Roger, thanks for your mail – the mystery is indeed solved – but tell us more about yourself, there was another RB who was also an artist, is that you?

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