Remembering dad on Andrew’s never-ending walk for justice

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5 Responses

  1. Danielle Joy says:

    Well done Andrew you are doing great work and doing very well spreading the word of parental alienation for all our children.
    I’m so proud of you mate keep going and stay strong and well.
    Nuff love,

    Danielle and Brian

  2. Dean adams says:

    Your an inspiration to us all, only 1 gripe I’ve got you being on your own in Edinburgh ynwa my freind.✋✋✋

  3. Sandra Garry says:

    Well done Andrew you are a total inspiration to all keep up ur good work

  4. Mo says:

    Well done Andrew. Keep going. Thank you from Ireland.

  5. Patricia Daly says:

    Well done Andrew,
    Thank you for yout support for the work you are putting in for Dads/Mams/Grandparents and extended families who are suffering mental and emotional abuse and being destroyed by parental alientation.

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