Is this what you really want for your child?

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  1. Martina says:

    I can relate to this in so many ways. I am now in my 60’s and that last day seeing my dad still lingers. I too am now very close to my dad; but didn’t find him until my late 40’s
    I still believe my mother didn’t want me; but wouldn’t let my dad have me under any circumstances. She went so far as to claim abuse to keep him away from me. She was then and remained the abuser, pairing up with a man who aided that abuse of me.
    I left home as soon as I could; but still at times had an overwhelming need for maternal approval. It never happened.
    I confess that the biggest relief of my life was the day I found out my mother was dead.

  2. Peter Davies says:

    Hi Leigh
    PA can not only ‘…be the most powerful way to ruin somebody else’s life.’ It is also one of the worst things that one human being can do to another.
    One president of the family court after another has stated that severing a parent / child relationship is the worst thing the state can do to its citizens since the death penalty was abolished. It is no less drastic when the severence is done by another parent.
    When one factors in the sheer malice and spite behind the false accusations and fabrications which almost always go arm in arm with the unjustifiable severence of a parent child / relationship we have a glaring example of some of the worst human behaviour imaginable.
    All too often the only justification, for putting parents and children through such living hell, is to provide an acceptable excuse for having behaved in such a repugnant way in the first place. It becomes no more than pathetic attempts by liars to salvage some credibility and dignity having behaved abysmally.
    People that alienate their children and their families need to be regarded as pariahs and social outcasts. They are simply not fit to breath the same air as decent and genuinely loving parents.

  3. Jo Bass says:

    I just wish the experiences of Parental Alienation, that you amazing people have come through, could be shared with government, cafcass, social services and judges. Maybe then parental alienation will be understood for what it is. Mental health is being acknowledged and understood today in all its forms and Parental Alienation surely should/must be at the top of this list. Thank you for sharing your life story, you are a very special lady.

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