So, are we really being told how to survive?

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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  1. Dorothy Banks says:

    I like this article. It falls into the ‘take a candid look at’ category. It’s the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, laugh at ’em’ school of thought. There is no answer to What should I do if? If it’s a nuclear bomb you might just as well run or stand still. If it’s terrorists then play it by ear is the only answer. With some situations cynicism and black humour are the best approaches. Do I believe what I just wrote? Not really, but what else can we say? When I was a kid we spent a lot of time, as a family, under the table, under the stairs or in the air raid shelter. It was bombs being dropped from the sky then. I’m not really a cynic, just desperately disillusioned. Good article – makes you think.

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