The Railway DJ returns to mark the day the music almost died

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  1. leigh says:

    Sonya Webb

  2. leigh says:

    Jan Sestak Nice words indeed Leigh, and we are surely happy that you also did care and mentioned the anniversary of Soviet/Russian invasion that cost us in Czechoslovakia 21 years of freedom. The sad thing is that They did a survey among Czech students and young people in general, and about half of them had no idea what happened in August 1968! Proving that our history teachers earn too much compared to what They teach their students.

  3. leigh says:

    Tim Danbrook
    Amazing Story

  4. leigh says:

    Prague Spring – Pražské jaro 1968 thank you – I prefer to remain anonymous, but hopefully the small video contribution will keep the memory of that moment in history alive (too many Czechs and Slovaks have forgotten, and let their hate, xenophobia and fascination with Vladimir Putin’s power get the better of them during the Syrian refugee crisis). I want my people back … my materialistic, amoral, judgemental people back. Despite their flaws, I never knew them to harbour so much naivete and hate until the last three years!

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