Publish and be banned! Sir Nick, stop your army of Robot Community Police killing good causes

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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2 Responses

  1. Looks like you’ve been Nicked Leigh!
    Will your plea get anywhere near the Errent Knight or will a Bot Chew it up – let’s hope it gets indigestion or even a suitable virus.

  2. leigh says:

    Peter Davies Why would anyone want to prevent shining a light upon the issue of parental suicide caused by the family justice system. On the one hand the senior judges recognise that severing the relationship between a parent and child is the worst thing a court can do since the death penalty was abolished. It simply beggars belief that the lower courts have literally no concept of the hell and anguish that these parents and children endure. The fact that a normal reactive response to such a grave trauma can be seized upon and used to justify severing contact is abhorrent and sickening in the extreme. In bereavement we offer support and the state attempts to ease the burden. Yet, when one parent severs contact the stare punishes the victim to the extent that some simply cannot bear fighting on. Furthermore, the courts avoid doing the job they are entrusted with to harm parents, to harm trusting children, cause untold misery and hell. A system that allows this, indeed supports it in order to cover its tracks, is well and truly broken and needs an enema.

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