An everyday tale of country folk – water workers threatened in village of damned

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8 Responses

  1. leigh says:

    Sara Crowther. Really interesting read !!

    • Jim Jamieson says:

      Certainly puts an interesting spin on the facts. I don’ t actually recognize the place being described as Woodseaves in the narrative . It reads like something out of “The Wicker Man” and far removed from my experience of living there for the last twenty years. I guess if it was hard to sell a house before this article, it will be near impossible after it, no matter how good the water supply is! Just be glad when the disruption is over and I can enjoy the fresh air, great views, good friends, happy home and all the other aspects of damnation in this village.

      • leigh says:

        Hi Jim, not sure why you say it reads like the Wicker Man 🙂 , it only describes the village as an old leather working village which it is and that’s part of its charm … also it mentions the film made by the BBC which portrayed it as an ancient village … good bit of old England…

  2. Andy Smith says:

    The people who run the local facebook page threw me out because i questioned their attitude to writing about traffic problems. small minded individuals who use swearing to illustrate their points

  3. Lindsey says:

    The person writing this article needs to learn how to spell and get their facts right. Precious Bane was written by a Shropshire author and the village in the book is Woodseaves, Shropshire not Staffordshire!

  4. Neil Fairbrother says:

    How can villages accuse someone of anything? What did they do, call a meeting of their residents and decide collectively that they were going to accuse another village’s vicar of something…? Bizarre.

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