Parental alienation … what becomes of the broken-hearted?

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32 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Jon 13 months of tears, pain and emptiness. Love you son

  2. kurtis says:

    2 years my Boy. 6years my Girl.Clinically has stopped.When will ailianation be recognised for the abuse and torture it is.50/50 parenting is the only answer any civilized person could think was best for a child.We need to get to the politicians why their trying to get elected

  3. Paul says:

    Just shy of two years. Two years of hell.

  4. Bon Pete says:

    I’m vet. She took him away breaking school mid-session at 9 yrs of he’s about 18 yrs. never seen except on FB picture. A gifted child, so Din’t distract his studies by dragging him into court hassles. looks like brainwashed. Wish him to be happy and good future. Have been paying child support and alimony all along as per court order.

  5. Allana Carvell says:

    Nearly 18 years haven’t seen my son and 14 years my daughter all because I reported domestic violence violence to the police , social services took them on the risk of Future Emotional harm. A mystic meg prediction they use often . I went on to have three more children I was allowed to keep by fleeing to another country and winning my case there 🙂

  6. gold chain says:

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  8. Dave says:

    9 months for 2 of mine, just lost the 3rd one yesterday after 8 visits in 4 months – pressure from her mum and siblings to reject me was too stressful (actually admitted it) and she decided the only way forward was to adopt the doctrine of the cult.

  9. Adam says:

    After countless Family Hearings I have managed 14 days in the year 2017! No reasons given. I was a devoted and loving father for 5 years. Now a whole series of utterly false allegations = This…. Parental Alienation. How does any decent human being cope with being exposed to this evil?

  10. Madeleine says:

    Madeleine. 2.5yrs absolute hell

  11. Danielle says:

    7 yrs they have been gone…3 no contact and in april 2017 judge suspended my visitation rather than enforce it.

  12. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is great blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  13. Bernard says:

    1 year

  14. graham says:

    Graham.lies,falsehoods.neglect of children’s rights.neglect by children services,neglect of basic human rights,blackmail.child abuse sanctioned by the family courts.arse covering.twisting.child constantly asking to see his parents.ABUSED by a totally inadequate family court system.THE FIGHT GOES ON,NEVER GIVE UP.

  15. Kevin says:

    Went through Court arena for 9 years plus with some contact but lots of unfounded accusations and not only about me but family. Eventually things concluded and now not seen or spoke to for 2 years. Post box contact but no acknowlegement of letters, cards or gifts so not sure if passed on by family members or not.

  16. Leanne says:

    I am part of this group with my dad I too went through parental alienation and pls take it from me I will be the voice of all ur children and I will stand and speak out to educate people on how it effects there children and there whole lives please do not give up there is hope I waited 11 yrs and I found my dad not all children believe in and they hold on to the thought and the curiosity of there father they end up asking themselves what did I do wrong why doesn’t my dad love me etc them questions burn inside so they eventually come looking for answers so either way they will come looking for u xx

  17. Michael says:

    Alienated from two daughters aged 21 and 23 for 3 years now. Thankfully my ex couldn’t alienate me from my eldest and two youngest. The saddest part is that my sister has helped my ex achieve this and both my alienated children are living sad lives as a result.

  18. clair says:

    Death. You know every one will succumb to finality of life eventually. And yet, when death knocks on the door of someone you love, the pain hits. The indescribable pain shocks you to the core. Even though we know it will happen, nothing can really prepare you for it.

    Loosing a child, this is pain beyond pain. Nothing can prepare a parent for this. It is not expected. It should not be expected.

    Death it is so final. A child would not choose to die. A child would not choose to leave a bereft parent. That, may be, an incomprehensible consolation.

    So, what about separation? Being separated from your child. How can you prepare for this? Having your child taken by the only other person you once trusted to love your child as much as you. Having your child choose another family over you. Can you prepare yourself for this?
    Like death, the threat of legal action was inevitable. I knew it would happen. I predicted it. I waited. I knew. I was weak when it first happened. I couldn’t fight.
    So when it happened again, I should have been better prepared. I was not. The pain was just as immeasurable, the shock still numbingly painful, incapacitating to the very core.

    Hearing the children talk with such contempt to me is comparable to free falling without the ‘comfort’ of hitting the ground. Someone has pressed the pause button on my life, I am incapable of moving forward. The fear is indescribable.

    I am not that naive to believe that people don’t judge me, despite their protestations. ‘There is no smoke without fire’ I am still looking for the fire near me. There is no reason for this to happen. I am a loving mum, who is devoted to both her children. Yet, they have both chosen to leave me.

    I want to wrap them up and never let go. I’m terrified that if I hug them, I won’t be able to tear myself away. I want to protect them from the influences that are persuading to leave me. If I do, I will be competing, I will be influencing. If I tell them how much love them, I am manipulating.
    I thought I could be strong & be the lioness protecting her cubs.
    In the end I just need to accept that they don’t want protecting. They don’t want me. I’m surplus to their requirements.
    No parent ever wins this fight. They may get the children but at what cost? The emotional cost to the children will be immense.
    So now, I will just accept that no one wins in this fight and save as much pain as possible. How much does a lioness love her cubs – Enough to know what’s best for them & not me.
    Enough to be there for them whenever they want me.
    Enough to be able to ignore judgements made by people who haven’t had the mis fortune to be in this position.

  19. Rob says:

    Two daughters, one year

  20. Courtney says:

    2 years, I’m not allowed to see or even talk to her. I have a short story written out about what happened.

  21. Jack says:

    Alienation started right at 3 years ago. I haven’t seen my kids in almost month now because it just kept growing and growing. Laws and courts and government should be ashamed in the way they are allowing children to be hurt. I am doing all I can do to function on a day to day basis. I just don’t understand how a parent could do things like this to their kids. Anyway, very discouraging and just hope my babies turn out for ok on the backend of this.

  22. Glenn says:

    2 painful years of not seeing my little girl and my two boys, been through the family court system and spat out the other side, West Sussex children’s services and children alienated against me, before this they wanted to live with me, ex has moved them away and our older adult are also suffering aw they too have been estranged from their younger siblings

  23. Ben Marr says:

    Conversation at social services child protection conference.


    Son refuses to see Father, Grandmother etc. Wants to “kill your entire family” etc. Calls Police to detail father has shot him and beaten him when father tells him he will have to do without phone for the evening with father, because son has stolen a watch at school. Police conclude manipulating child, no shooting, no beating.


    Father “What is most important is to detail what the problem is.”
    Social Services “We know!”
    Father “OK so tell me!”
    Social Services “It is all the horrible things his mother is saying to him about his father!”

    So Social Services have recognised…..

    “We’ll start with him bring re-introduced to you when his Aunt and cousin are over.”

    Didn’t happen.

    Subsequent communication, Social Services: “So nice to meet you and family, xxxxx is taking over this case, pity he did not come at weekend.”

    No subsequent communication from Social Services.

    Is this familiar to anyone?

    Just wanted to know if this was normal? and what we should expect from a child protection team when this has been recognised (finally).

    Thank you all,


  24. Christine says:

    I have no ways of talking to my children, social services courts everyone backed the I want to live with my dad campaign.
    Only good parents are targets because alienation does not work on parents who don’t give enough.
    All I have left is photos and a broken heart.

  25. Dianna says:

    Going into year 3 for me. I have been lost since he won and now have no access

  26. Nada Brown says:

    I was one of the lucky ones who survived alcoholism. Not so lucky with my 4 children (now adults) forgiving me. My son has not talked to me in over 10 years. He even blocked me all over social media. My 3 daughters have struggled with forgiving me throughout the years. I have been sober for over 11 years. After I made all the amends I could, I decided that the best way to make those amends now is to “live my amends”, meaning I keep living sober and be the mother I never could be. Now they all have issues with alcohol, and the wall between us grows. One has serious medical issues and she won’t let me in her life. I am extremely broken hearted.

  27. Shannon says:

    8 years zerocintact with my daughter.

  28. Sharon says:

    I have been alienated from 19 year old son for almost 3 years now. Now it appear to be happening to my youngest, who is 15. I haven’t seen him in almost 3 weeks, even though I’ve been legally award shared custody. He spends a week with me and a week with my ex. One evening, my youngest decided he wasn’t coming on my week to have him. When confronted by local deputy, he told officer he was afraid of me! 21 years of me being an educator and countless neighbors, friends, family who witness his happiness daily while he’s with me . Oh well. The courts don’t care.

  29. Joni says:

    On and off since 2012 with all 3 of my children, who are now 18,21 and 23.
    I have seen my 23 year old daughter since 2016 or her daughter (my granddaughter) since 2016. My oldest son 21, just a couple of times since 2016 either. My youngest son, it’s been a roller coaster; and he doesn’t realize he has extreme PAS. They all 3 do.
    I think the biggest mistake I made was not taking full custody of them when I should’ve. Leaving them and not fighting with their father was the worst thing I could’ve done.

  30. Christian says:

    Will be 1 year as of 10th January 2019, I have three children, I’ll never give up

  31. Stew says:

    363 days for my youngest and 2,002 days for my oldest… finally had court end my support payments because my youngest is now 18 years old… but that came with a message from my kids saying they never want to hear from me again because I care about money more than them….
    After paying $70,000 in child support to their mother, they still have the nerve to say mom paid for everything and I’m just a deatbeat….
    Enough is enough… in the new year, I’m going to change my will, so that my step-kids will inherit my home and RSP’s… as for my kids, or should I say, my EX wife’s kids, they will only get an envelope with printouts of all the nasty texts they sent me or posted on social media…. KARMA… don’t burn the bridge that leads back to your inheritance.

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