An open letter to Fanny Serrano, Torrevieja’s Councillor for Tourism

  • Punta 1
    Feeling flat on the way to the beach
  • Punta 2
    Building like Manchester used to
  • Punta 3
    The blues where the music died
  • Miles Platting flats
    Flat-lining in Miles Platting
  • Miles Platting gunson
    The sisters with no mercy in Miles Platting
  • Miles Platting tall
    When the sky wasn't the limit in Miles Platting
Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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  1. Frank Studley says:

    I used to visit Torreviieja regularly going back 15 years to 5 years ago but my memory of the place is not the same as the memory I have of Miles Platting. Housing thousands of people who have no access to a mortgage in a small an area as possible means High Rise. But High rise should not mean squalor and flammable material being used on the cladding. I was interrsted in the development at Laguna de la Mata where the bungalows looked pretty good to me. And to many Brits who wanted to live in the sunshine.. But not around Benidorm. But is Torrevieja like Benidoem now?

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