Now we can all watch parental alienation video that’s teaching our schools a thing or two

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  1. Stephen Aldridge says:

    Lo man
    Unable to hear the video as recorded music stays on. ?

  2. andrea says:

    What if there is no father involved? It’s my aunt who is the alienator. Also, the school has took the position in saying I cant be at the school, even though there is no court order saying i cant be there. I cant talk to teachers, access grades, etc… And at my aunt’s church The Pastor and his wife have took position in alienating my children from me as well.

  3. leigh says:

    Paul Phillips My case since being asked to leave my children in 2008 was is a PA case
    The 3 yrs in court from 2011 to 2013 and getting no where to see my four children just proved it more so
    Fast forward to today
    Not much has changed really between my now boys aged 23 & 22 and my two little girls now aged 15 & 14
    Iv kept a light shining but the relationship,s are in tatters really !!
    I read in PA cases
    Never give up
    Iv never givern up some form of hope
    But it looks less & less more lightly of ever being able to repair the damage done by one controlling bitter ( parent)
    And worse still these bent family laws/courts
    Stood back and did not help my children
    Far less me their father
    The experience hasn’t and isn’t a good one to say the very least
    Iv seen stories videos
    Where some children finally work out what has happened to them
    For me I feel this may never happen
    My children have been brain washed
    Body washed
    Soul washed
    To consider their dad
    As a no one
    As a nothing
    Sad but true
    Once up on a time I was a proud loving father of four dear children
    Now I’m left not knowing who I am !!!!!
    My end I guess
    PA needs tobe treated for the true child abuse that it is !!!!
    The uk family law/courts need to get with the program
    And this country wonders why so many stabbing,s ect ect
    Theirs a lot of young people who maybe haven’t had their father in their lives
    Because of our out dated laws/family also

  4. andrea says:

    Michael Derry Fantastic initiative by the CWF

  5. Joseph says:

    There are parents who refuse to see the pain they have caused their own children. These parents then try and justify the child’s behavior to others in the public by placing blame on the other parent for “alienating the children.”

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you. Some of it is also domestic violence – using anything or anyone available to continue abuse. Pa came from pad it is junk science. According to every reputable group everywhere.

  6. Donald Heading says:

    One of my children’s schools said they never received the DVD video. Is there a database that can be checked to see if one was sent and who received it?

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