It’s a new year and Jozef Palenik explains why he came home…

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  1. Dorrie Jane Bridge says:

    I found the summary from Jozef Palanic, cinemaphotographer, quite uplifting. Not having read the whole story of this gentleman I can only comment on what is written under the various subheadings. The version of communism we have seen in the past, and in parts of the world, even today – for instance North Korea, seems to include a form of brain-washing which saps people of their own understand of their ‘human rights’. That Mr Palanic left Slovakia after the Revolution and worked hard in a free society, that he saw the real value of freedom of speech and opportunity and that he gradually recognized his own worth is inspiring for people like me to read. I have been brought up to ‘aspire’, to think for myself and express my opinions. Strangely, this insight into the world of Slovakia before the Revolution has filled me with pride, not only in the courage of people who fought to alter it, but also in my own country’s values – which we shared and thus enabled a good man to achieve his potential.

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