Last exit to nothing … parental alienation fighter tells of mum’s ‘suicide attempt’

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4 Responses

  1. Katrina says:

    I am so glad the young woman is fine and getting help. Her poor mother will be feeling it real bad also. My son also attempted to take his life four times and also had to be revived. Thank god the police got there on time. My son got that bad I had to get him sectioned and it was stated by the doctor that his acute depression is due to him being denied contact with his child. It has taken time but with the help of family and friends he has got through this and I have my happy fun loving son back. The Mental Health care when someone goes through this is extremely bad and you are virtually banging your head of a wall shouting for help. He is now fit and healthy enough to take on the battle of the family courts to gain access to see his child. This is something that he should not have to do as two people made a child and not one.

  2. rene gilliam says:

    the government dont recognise parental alienation as a problem it is in my view on of the reason of the state of stabbing an violence we are experiencing to day family live has broken down and are children are lied to and abused by at least on parent and they are rebellion as is the alienated parent its interesting that a few years ago some members of father for justice climbed u a ladder and Buckingham palace some years ago .its interesting no charges where brought could it be they did not want to embarrass the court becauce they have to act?
    why cant aleniated parent get legal aid to fight what amounts to child abuse ?

  3. Paul says:

    Sadness is all we can feel anger at a parent that try to punish somebody they are supposed to have loved. By using there most precious thing their children. Over many years I have had girl freinds quite a few attended my first wedding. We move through life ups and downs, I can say my love has never died it changes. My first girl friend the love still exists in my heart, as it does for all the others. But for my wife’s 2 of nothing left in my heart for them, remember the people you love.

  4. Vanessa says:

    My spouse of 7 years took his life after losing his children to parental alienation. My baby could no longer take the pain,he slit his throat beside his sisters grave. This was the most emotionally strongest human being I have ever met, he taught me love does not hurt…I am discussed in the lack of intelligence in the children’s aid society, these idiots have no clue of what borderline personality looks like. He is dead … I was diagnosed with third stage non genetic breast cancer,I started having panic attacks when my innocent morally strong man was being hauled in over allegations.

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