‘Insight’ into family life as boy taken from mum over Bob the Builder car

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  1. Judi Atwood says:


    FBI Agents along with State Authorities need to break into state law family courts and review the documents. More and more and more these agencies are supporting a system they are not supporting the children this is a clear indication that Family Court watchers should be in our court rooms and these agencies along with Family Courts need authorities like Chief Justices to review the work of the lower courts and agencies associated with the welfare of children.

  2. Judi Atwood says:

    The children are winning and Congress is enforcing that our Family Court system puts the children first and the relationship drama second. Family Courts have repeatedly ignored child abuse and claims of domestic violence and on Sept 25 2018 victims of family violence had a win, the U.S House of Representatives passed a concurrent resolution urging state courts to determine family violence claims and risk to children before considering other “best interest” factors.

    In addition to Congress the American Psychological Association has joined in and created a submission portal to facilitate professional and community input on issues related to high conflict family relationships. The APA has received so many complaints relating to court appointed psychologist and have recognized they need to take action where children are involved, mainly eliminate bias and rely more on scientific data. It is well known by the APA and Congress that the Family Court System has “ethical” issues and no resources when domestic violence is alleged.

    This is a major step forward for child safety in our Family Courts that will help lead to protection and more needed changes from funding to state law and adherence of laws.

    Here is the clip from c-span regarding the vote on Sept. 25th!


    Here is the APA portal to report abuse of a psychologist pertaining to Family Courts


    Judi Atwood
    Longmont, CO

    Judi Atwood is a freelance writer working to complete her first novel Te Poseo” which is about her struggles in American Family Courts

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