I have no right to call myself mummy any more… same-sex couple’s break-up sadness

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  1. Danny says:

    Welcome to the life of a separated father living in Australia.

  2. C says:

    Yes this problem predominantly seems to be a male focused issue . I know EXACTLY how majority of fathers going through this feel

  3. leigh says:

    Andrea Marie Walker I’m so sorry for this – it’s a horrid predicament for any parent who isn’t the biological parent in the same sex partnership to have to experience! My heart goes out to you – I know your story already we have spoken about it! I have a gay son and and stepdaughter and I worry about this if they choose to go down the parenting path but not biologically! It’s disgusting that family courts don’t support the rights of these parents – yet adoptive or foster parents would receive help im sure! X

  4. leigh says:

    Matthew Jackson I understand this completely. I came out later and had a son with my first wife. Had regular contact with him for 5 years after the divorce. Even being the biological father and named on the birth certificate means nothing. I have not seen him for over two years and am left with sending a card every month. That’s CAFCASS and the family court system. There are no safeguarding issues and I am regular DBS check cos of my job. Yet no regard for the best interest of the child.

  5. CL says:

    So sorry to hear your story Mathew , I have heard many stories where parents have had children in a heterosexual relationship and then they have come out as LGBT , their ex partner then uses their sexuality against them in order to alienate the child from them . So sad that you only have indirect contact – it’s the cruelest form of contact you can have . Yet government statistics will show that nonetheless this is a form of contact therefore they are helping parents and families. But this is not the case

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