Leigh Banks and Andrea Martin-Banks

Leigh Banks and Andrea Martin-Banks

Andrea is chief news researcher for CWF and head of a media and PR company based in the UK. Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with RTI.fm

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  1. leigh says:

    Jeanie Buckley Devlin Kelso We could also try Ancoats dispensary trust even though things have gone belly up as think they are now involved with the London rd fire station we could also contact Vitoria baths longsight get anything we can remember funding and contacts xx

  2. S. Coward says:

    Roger Barnard is my father. He is still very much alive and living in Moston. Due to illness he had to move out of the property and is still currently very very unwell. Seeing the inside of the property and people scavenging through our family things is heart breaking for me- and the speculation on why he has let the property deteriorate.

    • leigh says:

      Thank you for contacting us… i’m pleased to say we have already been able to let people know that Roger is still living in Moston. We’ve been in touch with him through his sister, Martine, and wish him all the best.
      The reason for publishing the stories and trying to track your dad down was (a) that the hall appeared to have been abandoned and nobody in the area seemed to know who owned it and (b) to highlight the fact that people were in and out of the place for various reasons without permission.
      We were then contacted by Martine who said she was very worried about Roger and asked us to help trace him.
      Which we did.
      Martine is now in touch her brother and she is offering to help him, we believe.
      Another positive is that many people in the Moston area have agreed to help in any way they can to get the hall secured to protect Roger’s property and also to see what can be done to make it at least weather proof.
      a good outcome we believe.
      It would be good to speak to Roger to see what can be done to stop the deterioration of this ancient and beautiful building or of course we would be happy to speak to you.
      Hope everything works out ..

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