Heart-shaped stone and a lucky number kept Andrew walking for our family lives

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2 Responses

  1. Mo says:

    Keep going Andrew, you are an inspiration and a strength to many.

  2. Loreta says:

    Yes dad stand and come together and it’s grate think! Man can fight much easier for it ,just because it’s more common for dads be alienated ! But hat to do for women ,for single mothers who don’t have money ,don’t have power lik man do!??? If women loose custody in the court everybody think she did something wrong to her child ! In my on experience I lost all my friends even my own family turn them backs and stop talk with me ! One my friend sad straight to my face : you did something wrong to your girl , or you did not enough to fight in the court ! Yes I did not enough ,just because I’m foreign in Ireland and I don’t have money !! It’s all what I did wrong like mother ! now I’m arised mother ,my Gil is with me ,just because she sow her dads real face ! But now we bough have financial ,emotional abuse from her dad and from state too!! We live in hell! I feel I live in prison ,even more dangerous than ever before in my life!! I can’t even comment here ! I’m afraid of prison ! I have court order not to speak about it !!

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