Head in the clouds as experts get the vapours over drugs…

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2 Responses

  1. Bill Richards says:

    I have never considered using my vape gear for drugs, I know you can get CBD to vape but that is a liquid extract, many of the others are possibly used in herb vaporizers like the tobacco companies heat not burn system which I think should be banned anyway as the by products prove they are not heat not burn but are really burn

  2. Mike McNally says:

    To turn a drug into a vape liquid would take too much work for a junkie to do it. Why would they use a vg/pg based liquid which they have to turn the substance into an oil then convert it to a vapable juice possibly taking weeks of steeping to get it right when they can either injest it smoke it or inject in in minutes. It is sooo intresting this comes to light within a month of it being scientifically proven vaping is 95% safer than smoking from a 3 and a half year study. I personally believe this report is biased by pharmacutical companies who are pissed off that they arent able to get into a flooded market with their own versions because it didnt get declared “medicinal purposes”. The realities of making juice for vaping is its not a quick process not to get it even. Perhaps they use the herbal attomisers as Bill said above but dont blame vapers blame idiots who want to cause a new panic.

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