Harrowing interview with a man who hanged himself for the love of his son

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  1. andrea says:

    Alan Its very sad and cruel what selfish people can do to the parents and most especialy there own childrens parents and also to there own children the mental and emotional cruelty it would put anyone over the edge new laws is what we need and now. prosecute abductors and abusers make mandatory emergency access laws to prevent such cruelty and abuse it is horrific that our system that is supposed to help us and protect us supresses our mental wellbeing and finances with lenghthy court battles for us to fight for our god given right .. its a fucked up place to be .. enforce abduction charges and cruelty charges and protect everyone and most especialy the children make parental alienation a crime unless proven withot unreasonable doubt that a child is in danger and a parent is unfit i still got scars on my wrist and i took an overdose that should of killed me and i went over the edge and wanted to die thats where parental alienation took me its devastating the amount of people and familys suffering this horrific evil i just keep saying ma prayers that the laws will change and act fast and protect everyone from this horrific abuse

  2. Peggy Doyle says:

    This was heartbreaking to listen to and I urge all parents who are conducting this behaviour simply to make their partner suffer because they cannot get past their own anger issues STOP and think about what you are doing to the child you profess to love and have sworn to protect you are inflicting lifelong harm on your child and making it impossible for them to grow and mature and make their own way in this already dysfunctional world

  3. Darren Towill says:

    And the government think adiquat measures are in place ? They should hang thier heads in shame.

  4. Ben Whitley says:

    Government don’t give a poo folks. They know exactly what they are doing. The idea of globalism and feminism is to destroy the family unit and thus society. We are alone in this battle. Do not rely on anyone else aligned with government and their masters. Good luck everyone.

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