God, take me home … Ryan’s final Facebook post on world suicide prevention day

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  1. leigh says:

    Stephen Best Ryan was an absolutely lovely guy who suffered many issues including struggling with the family court system as well as depression. I have spoken with him on numerous occasions including recently. Thank you for publicising this as many people take their own lives and nothing is ever said about it publicly. This issue needs to be talked about more.

  2. leigh says:

    Jan Boon
    Jan Boon Omg when will people listen and take action !!!!

  3. Alanna grace says:

    Prayers going out to his family and his children👑🙌🙏🙏. I also pray they won’t let.his death be in vain. I pray they gather the strength to sue the state, family court division, judge n CPS Atleast civally, if not criminally!!! Ryan would not want this injustice to continue!!! Please friends n those who care, let his legacy be love and peace for children💜

  4. Susan says:

    Sending prayers to his family, especially his kids. They have lost a loving father over stupid petty things. I understand how he felt. In 2012 my ex turned my 14 yr old only child against me and my family. My dad and my daughter were inseparable, and when he passed in 2014 he had seen or heard from her in a yr and a half. It now been almost 6 yrs for me. She and I were always close and to hear her say… You have never been a mother to me in my 15 yrs, crushed me. Her dad and his mother told her I was taking another man ( that he and I met in march of 2012 by the way) to court to prove he was her real dad. Who does that???

    After we separated I moved in with my terminally ill dad. I was his 24/7 care as well as dealing with what was happening with my daughter and the divorce. I now suffer from sever anxiety and depression. I have had every pill I have in front of me ready to end the pain many times. But then I think that means.. He won. After having zero contact with my lifes breath, my reason for living in over 3 yrs ( we had the odd txt now and then) and my heath being what it is, I’m feeling that pull again. .. Just to say F it and do it.

    The alinating parent and counter parts know exactly what they are doing. They set out to destroy the other in the eyes of the children. Children are NOT weapons of mass destruction used to obliterate a loving parent and extended family. Its like once the relationship between the parents is over, mom or dad has to prove they are the good parent by crushing the other in the eyes of the innocent children.

    For the love of God… Why can’t people just get along… Why does it always have to down to… Annihilation.

  5. Sarah W. says:

    I am in this possible, as a mom and getting tormented by the courts. There is no stop to the lies. Then no one cares to help us. Good people like Ryan who love their kids but the courts won’t let us me. So what do we do, who will stop this ? How much are we supposed to take? How many people have to suffer? How many children have to grow up without their dad or mom. Someone help me a stop to this cycle.

  6. Tonica says:

    Correction: Ryan just turned 40 this past April

  7. Lisa says:

    RIP Ryan, we will never stop fighting for justice for our babies globally…. Fly high with the angels.
    The team at UnitedParentsForChildren

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