COUNTDOWN! Parental alienation campaigners set to GET SHIRTY in Manchester and Liverpool

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  1. starryplough says:

    Families torn apart because of Alienation! Got to stop for future generations, before children grow up and become parents and think its ok to drag unresidential parents through courts. Babies now are being alienated from mothers or fathers voices , grandparents comfort and wisdom, brothers sisters love and cousins not sharing their lifes. Who hears their voices! Change the system Parenting is shared and this must be the case for families to reunited!

  2. Chasity says:

    My son has been going through this for almost two years. He and his gf were together her emoter pregnancy, but not without her torturing him the whole time. Then, just 3 days before his daughter was born, she didn’t call or tell him anything. His daughter was born and he wasn’t allowed to be there and then she told people he didn’t care enough to be there. Problem is her FB post and text tell the truth. He has been fighting for a court date and keeps getting continuances. He has a date scheduled for August 16 and we just found out this week that the last two years of stuff we have saved on her, text and stuff, is all admissible in court. The things she text and FB are pure evil. I held my 21 year old son, Wednesday night and he cried like a baby. He misses his daughter so much. He works 10 hour days and usually 7 days a week. He says it helps to work until he’s wore out so he just crashes when he gets home and doesn’t have to think as much about missing her. Anyway, please pray for us and that we get the court date this time and he sees his daughter soon. She will be 2 in February. We love and miss her so much! Thanks

  3. I’m a father of 5; three of my children are over twenty and from my first marriage I never had any issues with seeing them and there mum was always happy for me to spend time with them, I did pay C.S.A for a few years but that was forced upon us.
    I have a stepdaughter of 15 who used to call me dad, I brought her up with my 2ND wife from just over 2yr old, now she barely wants anything to do with me.
    Now the real issue is with my son who’s just turned 11, mum kept walking out on us, even for 3 full months at one point to live with another guy, I will spare the humiliation though on that, but eventually she decided to come back and things got worse, I was getting death threats and decided to move to Scotland with my son in June 2015; then the real battles started, he lived with me happily for 6 months, till Christmas 2015 when I thought I was doing right thing by not denying him Christmas with his mum and sister etc in England..I knew what was going to happen and so did he, and it broke both our hearts because we almost knew the moment that train pulled out we weren’t going to see each other for a fact it was 4 months, before we spoke even..then came the court battles, which surprisingly were done and dusted by September, and child arrangements order put in place, shared parenting etc I’m sure most of you know the drill.
    Everything was working fine, until it came to Easter, and then the order was broke on several occasions, so at present I’m looking to enforce or go for full custody.

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