Finally – family courts probe pledged as parental alienation battles goes on

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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  1. Gareth bowyer says:

    I like to put the case were my girl were alienated from me with assistance from the police, socail service and CAFCASS were I was report what was going on and no 9ne took notice then 5 years later my children were removed from their mother and I was left out of everything because of false allegation. Long story short my girl are in care we to socail worker leaving out paper work that prove the allegation were false, socail service neglecting to mention that they ignored all warning signs and left the children at significant risk of harm, them socail service and the court carried 9n the alienation so that did not have to he held accountable for the mistakes,

  2. Peter Davies says:

    Anyone that has been watching family law for any time will be able to name the panel and their recommendations well before they are even announced. It will be the same old rent-a-crowd assemblage of academics and charities who ave been part of the problem for years. Sir James Munby was spot on. Any panel MUST be INDEPENDENT and that means independent of the judiciary, independent of Whitehall, independent of any existing elite or echo chamber. Public confidence in the system has collapsed and no one has any faith in yet another review from the same crowd who are largely responsible for the mess we are in. Time to seize the opportunity or loose even the crumbs of credibility which remain.

  3. Paul Swanson says:

    Haha, nice idea in theory. Our masters will probably use it as an opportunity to make things worse for us.

  4. Josue says:

    Parental Alienation exists and unfortunately false accused parents and children are the true victims. The Court, social Service and cafcass act in secrecy. The true perpetrator poses as a victim using false allegations to obtain the financial support they want and the protection of many governmental institutions. The true victims end up without any supporting or sympathy. I have so far met many parents, the majority of them are dads, who have paid a huge price for the incompetent system we have in the country. Parental Alienation is the most obvious crime and the government does not care about it. That’s disgusting! My children and I have been separated for more than two years. My case is not the only one. I have seen many others. Thousands of thousands of dads are still battling to regain the direct contact with their own children. I parent who true love its child/children would never alienate them from a lovely father.

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