How filming your children can cost you custody battle

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3 Responses

  1. Linda Wright says:

    This is a manipulative slant on why parents are videotaping children. It appears to me to be lawyers trying to eliminate the only recourse a parent has to protect themselves from the lies and false allegations, so frequently used to destroy a parent, alienate children from their other parent and gain the upper hand in court custody cases. Lieing (perjury) is rewarded in court. False claims of domestic violence is the silver bullet and because it wins it is often encouraged by attorneys to their clients. When one parent lies and makes up all kinds of things and tells the judge resulting in false charges, false ppos, false visitation orders , loss of custody …and the judge just takes their word for it ..with zero evidence the other parent has to protect themselves by videotaping. Lies like ” he tried to run me over with his car”, ” he raped me when he came to pick up “, “he comes late…or he never shows up for pick up”, he yells and swears out the window” ” the child is terrified of getting in his car” blah, blah, blah , blah. It is sick, pathological behavior and happens all the time.

    • Scott says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Linda, about the court’s tendency to believe mom’s that are lying about the other parent to attack their character in hopes of getting more parenting time or eliminating the father’s time with his children altogether. Unfortunately, they believe them even without specific facts or evidence.

  2. Louise says:

    Why is it wrong to record a call where your child is ringing up for you to help them as they are being mistreated? Imagine the huge distress to the father being unable to do anything to stop that current situation other than calling the police – and that’s if they attend. Child protection, out of hours, do nothing. I agree it’s not right to interview your child asking questions about home life and harm etc and recording it. But I don’t see why recordings phone calls when your children are being harmed should go against you. Imagine the distress to the parent aswell if they are allowed contact and the child tells you they’ve been harmed by the other parent. You report it. The parent denies it then then force the child not to tell the truth when social workers ask them about such incidents. Commonsense seems to be non existent with all professionals. It doesn’t seem to cross professionals’ minds that the child still has to live with that parent even after the truth has come out. So when they fail to protect the child and the child gets harmed further for telling the truth this results in the child going back to lying over injuries or take back incidents they have reported at the start of the day once the parent has spoken to them. Should be called child harming services a lot of the time instead of child protection

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