Why don’t we bank on factoring in that £9bn, Mr Carney – or have we?

Brendan Hanrahan

Brendan Hanrahan

Brendan Hanrahan is a former regional newspaper editor now working as a journalist, writer and mischief-maker in Fleet Street.

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2 Responses

  1. leigh says:

    Jason Dutton… Well said

  2. leigh says:

    Lisa Horton Not surprisingly there hasn’t been a lot of transparency when it comes to the, ahem, actual figures.

    I’d like to see at least three year forecast accounts for UK Trading Co, alas I’m not sure if Northern Ireland would include their set or would want to be invited, and then there’s the Scots and that meddlesome Nippie Sweetie thinging bloke/woman.

    Forecasts would help before forming a decision. But that’s the fastidious accountant type in me…

    Brexit has been more of a financial cookit for the most part. I want hard honest facts not speculative bloody gloom and doom.

    Monday morning grumble over.

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