This dad asked for help to buy Christmas presents, so why did people attack him?

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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14 Responses

  1. andrea says:

    Ciarán Scott Most important thing is family not presents. But I do get that you don’t want your kids to wake up christmas morning with very little there. They don’t really understand and know the situation. Is it ok to beg and ask other people to fund it for you, well am sure he can answer that question himself. I think the big outcry is more for asking for 2000. If he had of just asked for 400 then people would not be making much of a deal. If he spends ludicrous amounts of money on his children then thats on him, he will be setting fundme pages up every year

  2. andrea says:

    Alan Porritt Fooking 2grand 😳
    £50 Buy/sell/swap quid bid etc can get loads of all sorts. Like the rest that struggle on and make the very best 😍 bet mine are more great full x

  3. andrea says:

    Horatio Hornblower The shocking thing is how Christmas has been commercialised and has just become about materialism and money.

  4. andrea says:

    Alicia DiPersio Kenny Consumerism is evil . Break the cycle . Promote LOVE . 💜

  5. andrea says:

    Tracey Nienna Hughes I would say it’s the amount he asked for.

  6. andrea says:

    Barbara Sankey O’Brien Many children depend on food banks and a gift from a hospital or charity nevermind £2,000 worth of gifts. Does he donate to food banks, hospital’s, or supermarkets drop off points ,, i wonder x❤x

  7. andrea says:

    Stacey Leanne
    Stacey Leanne It’s embarrassing. If I found out my partner was begging people for money to afford Xmas I’d go nuts! Moms had the baby now why can’t he pick some hours back up? Everyone struggles but you do what you can with what you’ve got.

  8. andrea says:

    Annemarie Davies I personally think it’s just cheeky but at the same time genius! If people are foolish enough to donate then what can you say?

  9. andrea says:

    Amber Maynard Tbh they have 5 kids and he does work a lot of hours but he can’t expect Everyone else to pay for it. There’s food banks if they are that broke. You can always pawn stuff or credit cards. Everyone else does it. They decided to have another baby so they should fit the bill for raising such a big family.

  10. andrea says:

    Aimee Rushton Part of me is thinking no you chose to have 5 kids so get on with it, it would be a good lesson to them. We were in this situation a few years ago when my other half had a accident and had to have 3 months off work but we managed and it turned out a nice Christmas.
    But another part of me thinks well it’s Christmas and the season of giving

  11. andrea says:

    Becky Henson We spend just over 2k on presents for everyone so I know where he’s coming from. I feel sorry for him he’s been dealt a shit hand and needs help right now

  12. andrea says:

    Danielle Louise Lee I’m a single mum to 5 kids and I’m working part time I never have spent £2000 on Christmas I rely on myself and yes times are hard

  13. andrea says:

    Wendy Keniwell I can’t bring myself to get worked up about it. It’s cheeky to ask, yes, but if people are happy to donate, then that’s up to them! No’ones forcing them to.

  14. andrea says:

    Shelly Harman I wouldn’t donate not being funny you don’t even need £2000 day £100 for tree and decs £200 food £500 kids ( £100 each )

    Max of £ 800

    I would never lower myself to ask!

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