Why are contents of Moors Murderer Brady’s briefcases being kept secret?

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  1. leigh says:

    Martin Dook Ward I have been a follower of the Keith Bennett page for many a year on here. I was on the page the other day and was speaking to Alan Bennett who informed me that some MPs are looking to bring this briefcase up for discussion with other peers. If nothing comes from a parliament discussion then the family will look to start a petition.

  2. leigh says:

    Erica Gregory I know of some who had letters from Makin after Brady died and his gifts were sent .. If there was anything as in letters they would of been sent .. 1991 ? A time Myra punishes Brady for keeping her in prison and drama queen Brady giving it I’m dying ?

    • erica gregory says:

      yes .. there were those I had contact with who were given letters and some wrote to Makin and he replied to them either way If anything left for them .. 1991 look at what was happening in Bradys life , who was he in contact with then ?.. Janus was published 2001 .. so just maybe like we have said and can see, he left what they did hidden within .. he ends the book with The rest is silence so he was saying I’m not giving any more… He wasn’t being listened to was he .. Myra was giving her crap story she wasn’t involved , David Smith got away with it .. is it any wonder he didn’t give where Keith was to those who did nothing but blame it all on him.. he was ill.. mentally .. others hid the truth so they had sympathy from some .. like Longford who fell for Myra’s lies.. They should just let this be sorted , not just his notes but hidden letters too.. There are more victims … and a political motivation in why they murdered .. it could just be there are some names given the Government want hiding away ?.

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