Is Jeremy talking b*ll*cks – or has the BBC really banned scrotums?

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with

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  1. leigh says:

    Ash Moore Top gear at the minuite is shit. I’m sorry but it is and I did want it to do well and watch the grand tour. But it isn’t.

    I applied for the grand tour first episode filming day so hope I get it. The shows brilliant and I am very much on the side of its these three as a trio which make it interesting, however wasn’t fond on the first series of the grand tour, it was entertaining apart from the fake celeb blowing up and the stupid comments, but they knew that and got rid of it.. Which backs up Jeremy’s thing of “I’d make it for the people”

  2. leigh says:

    Brian Russell Clarkson is a wanker. But top gear sucks without the crew.

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