Another victim of PA kills herself while Cafcass brags, Ofsted praises and campaigners fall out

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  1. leigh says:

    Andrew John Teague I’m like a rhino thick skinned so no problem here for sure
    I’m not going to feel offended for being attacked to apologise would mean I did something wrong which I have not however I don’t bare any grudges life goes on
    Keep plugging away stop the deaths we break the system

  2. leigh says:

    Andrew John Teague It’s a long battle and we all have a part to play myself and Peter Davies are in constant communication on how best to approach and keep up to date
    Save lives

  3. leigh says:

    Jan Boon Yep we all have a part to play in this war on P A so let’s all fight it it don’t matter how we do it as long as we don’t fight between ourselves x

  4. leigh says:

    Craig McKay we should be charging these people with genocide. Since Thatcher and Lord Mackay introduced the contact order act in 1988/89 they have been driving men to suicide unlawfully since. And the ones who don’t commit suicide are being condemned to die slowly of sadness. A revolution is required. Burn the house down!!!

  5. Leigh says:

    Barbara Sankey O’Brien The only people uneducated Cafcass help are narcissistic alienating resident parent’s not the brainwashed children nor the innocent targeted parent! Uneducated Cafcass have done nothing but obliterate family’ and driven loving honest parent’s into total despair, who’s only fault it is is to be forced to enter secret family court rooms to be part of their children’s lives. There the monstrous creator’s of family assassinations will sit in wait ready to pounce automatically to form an uneducated opinion for lazy judges to consider, which in most cases the lazy uneducated judge will rest with.
    Ofsted need to look at the amount of family court cases Cafcass give damning reports to instead of taking Cafcass self gratifying reports as gospel.
    Cafcass are a big part of the problem in family court Not a solution x

  6. Kerrie says:

    Cafcass should apologise to the families

  7. leigh says:

    Sandra Rao I’m a nurse I would be struck of if I treated my patients the way they do. How come they are the elite and leave a trail of destruction then they are like the invisible man no where to be seen.

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