About CWF

The Consumer Watch Foundation is founded in The Truthour writers and researchers have the job of entertaining and informing you – but they are also here to help you fight for your rights. We will do our best to help with your consumer problems, answer your questions,  save you money, chat about family, lifestyle, holidays, hobbies … but most of all we will name and shame those who rip you off, lie to you and  misrepresent you.  



Leigh G Banks

is editor at CWF – a former Fleet Street journalist Leigh is now a broadcaster living in the UK and Spain


John Telensky

A student with too much to do and not enough time to do it in.


Andrea Martin

is chief news researcher for CWF and head of a media and PR company based in the UK


Eric Wiltsher

is a former BBC TV, radio & online journalist. Now lives in Slovakia and is MD of a digital media company

Dorrie Jane Bridge

is a former educationalist with a major interest in politics … she writes our Grey Pride section.

Martin ‘Dook’ Ward

Musings of a real Lancashire lad… see all his stories here.

Tina Penxová

Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle…”
I studied technical engineering, but ending up working as mindful breathing coach and yoga teacher … see all stories here.

Chloe Ivy Lily Bell

Chloe Ivy Lily Bell has studied journalism and joins the consumerwatchfoundation,com as a young writer who cares. … see all stories here.

Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards described himself as a husband and LGBTQ, fashion designer, travel and lifestyle writer. His social media accounts include

Instagram: Darren Edwards (@darren.edwards23)
Twitter: Darren Edwards (@DarrenFEdwards)

… see all stories here.

David R Shubert

David R Shubert describes himself as a left-behind and alienated parent who has been fighting for his daughter and step-son for over a decade. Through his writing he is spreading awareness of parental alienation.

… see all stories here.

Brendan Hanrahan

Brendan Hanrahan is a former regional newspaper editor now working as a journalist, writer and mischief-maker in Fleet Street.

… see all stories here.