75,000 people are dead because of the CMS, says campaigner Jamie

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  1. Craig Bulman says:

    The Government and every MP are fully aware of the corruption of the CSA/CMS but a blind eye is turned. Theresa May was my MP back in 2010, I brought to her attention that the CSA was committing fraud against me, she sent a couple of limp-wristed letters to the CSA and done nothing to stop them. I believe this to be willful neglect/misconduct in a public office! My complaints were later to be well founded, but in the process, I discovered how corrupt and biased the complaints system is. ICE is in bed with the CSA/CMS and the PHSO will not investigate. The Police will not investigate even though there is evidence of criminal offences carried out by the CSA/CMS staff. There is no law firm who will go against the CSA/CMS even though they have misconducted themselves in a public office. The Government are quite clearly hindering access to justice of which violates all human rights instruments and is a violation of the constitutional principle of the rule of law.

    • leigh says:

      Craig, if you would like us to look at your evidence with a view to publication, please let me know… Leigh G Banks, editor.

  2. Craig Bulman says:

    I have substantial evidence which supports the CSA staff committed fraud and misconduct in a public office, the police refuse to do anything about it, the PHSO cannot investigate misconduct or fraud as it is out of their remit and no law firm will give representation , however, these public law firms are happy to represent terrorists and chase after our veterans and servicemen, but when it comes to representing a member of the public who has been severely damaged by the CSA acting unlawfully and misconducting themselves in a public office they do not want to know. It is a well-known fact that the Law Society is a stakeholder of the CSA/CMS so is the Magistrates Association and HM Court Services not to forget the CAB. The Government are happy to pay taxpayers money in compensation to ISIS terrorists and Westminster employees who have been fondled and shouted at by dirty corrupt MP’s but when it comes to upholding their constitutional obligations and EU community law they are not interested.

  3. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Thank you Jamie Evans, could not agree more, they nearly finished me off, if I can help in any way please let me know.

  4. Mike says:

    I have been fighting for accurate cause of death on death certificates. My little brother’s should read Cause of Death: Family Court Industry or CSA, CMS

  5. Sharon roberts says:

    I agree it is a big concern, but is sadly a component in a completely broken system. Divorce/separation is a hard change for all involved, made more difficult by the housing crisis where people who have always been able to thrive find themselves struggling to survive. The adversarial system of the dubiously called family court does not work. Separated couples who are grieving for losses they don’t yet fully grasp turn to solicitors for help. This wastes more money they don’t have. Children are grieving too and there is nowhere to get the type of help they really need.

  6. Had enough says:

    I’m a full time carer and since my clients ex put in a maintenance request I’ve been on constant suicide watch they can’t afford what they have to live on as is meanwhile this piece of work has continued to be allowed to abuse my client psychologically due to convenient CMS rules….at what point as a human do I decide to take personal action seeing as the current government places money over humanitarian rights

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