Richard Spendlove MBE Statement about his ruthless firing by the BBC

Eric Wiltsher

Eric Wiltsher

Eric Wiltsher, MD Swan PR, the pan-European digital marketing and brand protection company

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37 Responses

  1. James Peter Brett says:

    Just another example where the BBC is unfit for purpose.

  2. Steve Riches says:

    You can’t make a sweeping statement that the BBC is not fit for purpose because in many cases it is – and I also feel it’s good value thro’ the licence fee. Sky and it’s 25% adverts is costing me around £90 a month. Stick to specifics and your argument becomes stro g.

  3. Laurie Parsons says:

    Start a campaign to get Richard Spendlove back on air Saturday evenings. We miss you Richard.

  4. Andy Lawrence says:

    Only found out from yesterday’s Daily Mail(14.10.17) why Richard has been absent,I thought his wife was ill or something. I am speechless,losing one of the best presenters is bad enough,but Radio Cambs has now lost two, unnecessarily(I refer also to Paul Stainton) To coin a phrase, one may be regarded as a misfortune to lose both looks like carelessness!!!!!!

    • leigh says:

      CWF was the first to report on Richard’s plight and we published the story in his own words … tell as many people as you can to put their names on here – at least we can tell the powers-that-be what the listeners think!
      Leigh G Banks, Editor

  5. Roy says:

    Shameful treatment of a great presenter, Saturday nights are NOT the same now.

  6. Graham B. says:

    What a shame Richard spend love being dismissed on radio cambridgeshire .also Paul Staunton leaving back to boring presenters again.

    • leigh says:

      CWF was the first to report on Richard’s plight and we published the story in his own words … tell as many people as you can to put their names on here – at least we can tell the powers-that-be what the listeners think!
      Leigh G Banks, Editor

    • leigh says:

      CWF was first to report on Richard’s sacking and we published the story in his own words … tell as many people as you can to put their names on here – at least we can tell the powers-that-be what the listeners think!
      Leigh G Banks, Editor

  7. Laurie Parsons says:

    Richard’s Saturday evening programs where a delight to listen to, his warm friendly manner and common sense are now missing, along with his musical choices. We no longer listen to BBC radio on Saturday evenings. Sorry, but the BBC as broadcaster in general seems to be loosing the plot!

  8. Ivor Pollington says:

    There is no reason for the great many listeners of a certain age and people of principle continue to listen to Radio Cambridgeshire the voice of reason and honesty has been cast aside by the new generation of jobsworths.

  9. Dave says:

    Enthralled and captivated are my thoughts for the radio show which was clearly the best on regional local and worldwide , but due to the inept ability of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation mis-management team, and their ideologies, the nation has lost an absolute legend from the airwaves, but that is what has become of the BBC, so biased to the PC brigade, they are to stupid to Realize how many people tuned in for these shows, and it is now clear proof that the licence fee should be scrapped, we do not get what we pay for , just the DRIVLE the idiots at the top want to brain wash us with. re instate Mr Spendlove.

  10. Ken says:

    There will not be a new Richard i feel the BBC are short sighted Richards stile meant so much to meany this is a day time programs not for late evenings BBC Essex Ray Clark stile of program would fit better BBC must remember the number of older listeners is growing more than we are passing on We are looking for a new station for Saturday night every Night off TV and on BBC Essex

  11. Beryl says:

    I don’t bother listening on Saturday nights now after listening to Richard for over 20 years.

  12. Chris says:

    Richard made you feel like you were his special guest rather than just a listener. Although I never called in to air my views, I frequently emailed Richard on a variety of topics during his Saturday programme. He would invariably read my emails out on air adding his own words of wisdom. He was a such a joy to listen to, a radio companion especially for the older generation and for those living alone. What a shame we have lost this irreplaceable gentleman from the airwaves.

  13. Simon Collins says:

    I’ve been wondering what had happened to my Saturday night favourite. I always used to go to bed early especially on a work weekend to listen to him. It was always interesting informative entertaining yet easy listening at that time of night and had been part of my regime for many years.

    I am appalled he has been treated in this manner and ‘knowing’ him as I think I do his principles probably won’t let him return. Shame on the BBC

  14. Ellen says:

    What a wonderful caring gentlemen Richard is the elderly people must miss him so much as I do, he made you feel special and at the end of he’s broadcast he would say the nicest goodbye. I thought he had given up because him or he’s wife was ill I am so glad that this is not the case and I thank him for all the years you have made lonely people or unhappy people feel a bit better. I send Richard and he’s family my love and best wishes

  15. Roy Wood says:

    He didn’t just make lonely and unhappy people feel a BIT better, he made them feel MUCH better.
    He really cheered you up, I used to look forward each and every Saturday to listening to him. I have not tuned in since he left and I will only ever tune in again if they bring him back. I really miss him and his wonderful programme very much. Saturday nights are very sad without his show.
    Saturday nights are now empty without his show, I miss getting ready just before 9pm to listen to his programme which was 2 hours of fun and great entertainment. His show was a delight to listen to and he made everyone feel welcome and special. I have nothing but very happy memories of his great show.

  16. Roy Wood says:

    I wish they would start up a petition or campaign to get Richard back on on Saturday nights but even if that happens, I very much doubt that the BBC will take any notice unfortunately.
    Very Sad.
    His show was a joy to listen to.
    I don’t just miss him, I also miss all of the listeners that telephoned into his show regularly.
    I wish Richard and his family all the best and hope they have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.
    My most wildest dream is to NOT win the lottery but for Richard to be back on BBC Regional Radio on Saturday evenings between 9-11.
    Really miss you Richard. God bless you mate.

    • Laurie Parsons says:

      If their’s anyone reading these messages who’s tech savvy etc, could they please open a campaign to get Richard back on air Sat evenings. My Wife and I would gladly add our signatures. It’s worth a try!

  17. nigel says:

    it would be most interesting if richard was signed up by a rival broadcaster and did exactly the same programme,I wonder if there would be a copyright war or some legal challenge to something listeners want but the bbc dont

  18. Andrew Logan says:

    Richard is moving to a station called Zack FM 105.3 in East Anglia check out their Fcaebook page.

  19. Roy Wood says:

    I am very delighted to discover that Richard Spendlove will be back doing what he does best.
    Richard will be back broadcasting on Zack FM every Monday night between 10pm and 1am.
    It is a shame that he is no longer on Saturday nights but at least his show is now 3 hours instead of 2 hours, so we get an extra hour with him which is better, I am glad he has moved stations now!
    I am going to tune in every single Monday evening, I wouldn’t ever miss it for the world!
    Hearing of Richard broadcasting again is the best Christmas present of 2017!
    I can’t wait to listen every week to his programme, my wildest dream has actually come true!
    I have not won the lottery but Richard is back and that is all that matters, I am so happy and cheered up today, I just can’t believe it.
    The LEGEND has returned!
    Good luck to you Richard and all the best for the show!
    I shall keep listening as long as you are presenting!

  20. Roy Wood says:

    By the way, the show begins on Monday 4th December 2017 at 10pm, Zack FM
    Richard Spendlove MBE

  21. Roy Wood says:

    By the way, the show begins on Monday 4th December 2017 at 10pm, Zack FM
    Richard Spendlove MBE

  22. Malcolm says:

    How do I receive the broadcast

  23. Michael Ginn says:

    Richard’s show is on a diverse and increasingly popular station in West Suffolk called Zack FM catering for the British local population and also the visiting U.S forces. It covers a decent area of West Suffolk, South Norfolk and East Cambs on 105.3 FM and is online at and on the TuneIn app / website. It is also hoping to join DAB very soon.

  24. Eddy Boyd says:

    Sorry to hear this Richard. You have done remarkable work through Wireless. This attitude of people in charge is pretty pathetic. I remember what happened to Brian Mathew who for many years led the best show in the land! It’s almost like ‘1984’ –the regime behind the book that is! Society is now run by Rules & Regulations rather than Common Sense!
    Richard, wherever you go, go well & God Bless.

  25. Richard Spendlove says:

    I had not seen any of this until today and want to say thank you all for the words of kindness and generosity. Yes it was both sad and – more importantly – absolutely unnecessary, to a point where I am now fairly confident it may have ben ‘contrived’ . However… SWITCH YOUR DIALS and your internets to ZACK FM – a fabulous station and extending it’s disciplines and reach almost daily. DAB comes to Cambridge on 26th January. That will extend that reach ever further. The another DAB Transmission into Norfolk will follow shortly. Oh, and then there is the fact that you can listen WORLD-WIDE in here ANYWAY… And from 26th January, my show is moving from its present spot to 9pm-midnight on Sundays…. Immediately following the ‘Emperor Rosko Show’ Just stay with ZACK FM ; you will NOT regret it. Take care of them and the will take care of you ! (WWW.ZACKFM.COM)

    • wolfgang says:

      Hello Richard! I’ve discovered today that one can still listen to you and you have a show. Can’t tell you how pleased I am. Listened to you for about 15 years, both in Kent and in Essex, where I live now (9.00pm-1.00am was especially great!). Richard, rest assured there was no one to touch you on local radio, and you kept an army of people afloat, lifting spirits, helping, cheering up, entertaining. Most of them probably don’t know you’re on Zack FM, especially if they don’t have computers. This is a situation that borders on the criminal. If the BBC are at fault, I find it hard to forgive them; Saturday night was the highlight of so many lives, a lot of them lonely folk.
      We are now to have a Minister for loneliness, I believe? Perhaps they could have a word with someone at BH. I shall be writing a letter or two. Meanwhile, I look forward to listening to you on ZACKFM. The BBC’s loss is their gain! God bless.

  26. Roy Wood says:

    Richard Spendlove is one of the best Radio presenters in the country. He is one of the greats and he is an excellent broadcaster. He is one of the “Old School” presenters and his show on Zack FM is even better now than the shows he did at the BBC. If you know of anyone who used to love listening to Richard’s programme on BBC to let them know about his show on Zack FM Monday Evenings between 10pm and 1am and soon to be Sunday nights between 9pm and Midnight. You don’t want to miss it, it is great. Richard is doing very well and I am pleased for him and I am very glad that he is back on the radio doing what he does best. It is a fantastic show and a great listen. It is very entertaining. I would like to thank Zack FM very much for having Richard. They have done the right thing bringing him on air, he is a LEGENDARY presenter. Don’t Miss it.
    A fantastic show on a brilliant radio station.
    There are many great presenters and shows on ZACK FM, it is a fantastic station and you should check it out.
    Thanks Richard for your great show and thanks most of all for the company, it is much appreciated. We keep you company and you keep us company.
    I am so thrilled about Richard being back on air, it is great news and unbelievable, I am very glad and pleased indeed.

  27. Roy Wood says:

    The Richard Spendlove show is Out Of This World!!!
    A great show.

  28. Roy Wood says:

    Richard’s show has Great Music and Great conversation.

  29. Roy Wood says:

    I Highly Recommend Richard’s show to people of all ages – young and old – and people with great taste in music.

  30. Roy Wood says:

    I commend you all to The Richard Spendlove Show-
    EVERY SUNDAY Night – 9pm until Midnight on ZACK FM – You will NEVER be dissapointed.

  31. wolf says:

    Richard was the best presenter on local radio, period. He could do the light stuff and he could do the heavy and serious stuff, with style, eloquence and grace. Variety in content and music; his own poetry; classic interviews; technical stuff; history ; current affairs; listener interviews; no one to touch him! He had a large family of listeners in the East and South East.
    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could have him back on a Saturday night!

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